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Making complex change stick.

Software that creates a happier change experience for everyone.

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What is Echo?

Echo, by EchoChanges, is a cloud based platform that helps change managers and leaders improve the change experience for all employees, by asking them what they need, and then giving it to them - exactly when they need it.

Echo enables you to:

  • Increase engagement with your change, by giving employees a voice, and letting them be heard
  • Get insights from your employees on what matters most to them
  • Use real time data to generate insights to aid your decision making and planning
  • Provide tailor made support to everyone in your organisation
  • Target your communications to the right people

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A comprehensive way to make change stick


Echo is made up of 4 core modules:

  • A powerful insight engine
  • A comprehensive knowledge base to give your employees what they need, when they need it
  • A dedicated communication channel
  • A community space to help your employees get connected and share their best ideas

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There are benefits for everyone:

  • Leaders
  • Change Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Managers
  • Front line employees

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The EchoSystem

It's nice to have friends

We work with a select group of talented practitioners who can also help you make changes stick and make your organisation more effective

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The EchoChanges approach to making change stick

Decide what you want to know about

Choose your topic from a range, or set your own questions

Crowdsource for ideas

Then pick who you want to ask

Gather feedback from your people

An always on listening post enables your people to share ideas or concerns

Regularly give your people a voice on a range of topics to stay close to how your project is progressing

Insights delivered when you need them

Insights from your people’s answers are available in real time so you can see where challenges and opportunities exist

Based on their responses, everyone immediately receives recommendations on how to improve

Improve your plans, make better decisions and support your people

Using accurate data, change plans can be more effectively developed, communications can be targeted and delivered, and areas of concern can be addressed

Using the tailored recommendations, users can help themselves

Check on progress

Ongoing questions can help you see whether you are closer to your desired outcomes, and how ready you are for your changes

You can also see whether the actions that have been taken have worked in the way you hoped

Feel the benefits

By engaging your people and giving them the help they need, when they need it, you will drive adoption and acceptance quicker, and for less investment

Your people will more readily live with the changes if they’ve been heard and supported

Our Story

Are you as puzzled as we are, about why big, complex change in organisations rarely sticks? And more often than not, is such a miserable experience for employees, change managers and leaders alike? Even though there’s now been years of research on the topic and some of the most respected business minds have developed widely accepted theories about what it takes to manage change successfully, nothing seems to get any better?

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